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Dyes/Labeling Kits

Labeling technology is a technology that marks the marker on the target antibody/protein/peptide to better display the position and content of antigen/antibody molecules in the immune reaction system through the enhancement and amplification effect of the marker itself. The technique can be used in Cell Imaging, Flow Cytometry and Immunofluorescence applications. In the experiment, fluorochrome dye is usually used to mark the target protein or antibody, and then the fluorochrome dye signal can be detected to determine the location and content of the target protein.

Elabscience® provides a variety of labeling kits with flexible labeling and excellent results. It can provide fluorochrome labeling, biotin labeling and BSA removal kits to meet your needs for experimental reagents in the labeling process, making experiments more convenient!

Elabscience® has a wide range of fluorochrome dyes, covering different bands and suitable for different detection channels. Moreover, activated dyes are available to meet your more detailed experimental needs.

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Elabscience® Labeling Kit Product Features

Easy Operation: All reagents required for labeling are provided in the kit and the reagents are easy to operate.
Flexible Labeling: The kit can be used for both trace labeling and mass labeling from 0.1 to 1 mg antibody each time, and the optional labeling specifications are diverse.
Strong Applicability: The kit can be applied to most proteins.
Excellent Labeling Effect: The labeling ratio is optimized to reduce the possibility of under-labeling or inactivation due to over-labeling, and it has better labeling effect.

Elabscience® Labeling Kits

Product NameReactive groupColor
FITC Labeling KitFITCGreen
Cyanine3 Labeling KitCyanine3Green
Cyanine5 Labeling KitCyanine5Red
Cyanine5.5 Labeling KitCyanine5.5Red
Cyanine7 Labeling KitCyanine7Infrared
Elab Fluor® 430 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 430Green
Elab Fluor® 488 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 488Green
Elab Fluor® 568 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 568Orange
Elab Fluor® 594 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 594Orange
Elab Fluor® 647 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 647Red
Elab Fluor® 680 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 680Red
Elab Fluor® 700 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 700Far-Red
Elab Fluor® 750 Labeling KitElab Fluor® 750Far-Red
Elab Fluor® Violet 450 Labeling KitElab Fluor® Violet 450Blue
Product NameReactive group
Biotin Labeling KitNH2_Reactive Biotin
Long-arm Biotin Labeling KitNHS-LC-LC-Biotin
Water-soluble Biotin Labeling KitSulfo-NHS-Biotin
Water-soluble Long-arm Biotin Labeling KitSulfo-NHS-LC-LC-Biotin
Chromogenic Biotin Labeling KitChromogenic Biotin
Product NameReactive group
BSA Removal Kit-

Labeling Experimental Results (Partial)

How to Choose Fluorochrome Dyes?

In the selection of dyes, it is necessary to select according to the key characteristics of the dyes, such as the relative brightness of the fluorochrome dye, the wavelength range, the possible fluorochrome spill produced by the fluorochrome dye, and consider the equipment's own laser and detection channel configuration. In the multi - index detection, the interaction fluorochrome spill between different dyes in the channel should be considered. Elabscience® provides the necessary information on different fluorochrome dyes for you to choose.

Product NameColorExcitation Laser
Lines (nm)
PE (R-Phycoerythrin)Yellow488/561495, 565575
APC (Allophycocyanin)Red633650660
PerCP (Peridinin-Chlorophyll-Protein Complex)Red488440, 480, 675675
Cross-linked APCRed633650660
SMCC Activated R-PEYellow488/561495, 565575
SMCC Activated APCRed633650660
SMCC Activated PerCPRed488440, 480, 675675
SMCC Activated Peroxidase (HRP)

Fluorochrome Staining Results (Partial)

Related Services

Elabscience® provides labeling services. For more information about labeling services, please click here.

Elabscience® has a wide range of antibodies conjugated to fluorochrome dyes to meet your Flow Cytometry assay protocol requirements. Choose your Flow Cytometry Antibodies.

If you have any question about FCM antibodies, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you in 12 hours.

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