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mTOR Signaling Pathway

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mTOR Signaling Pathway Amimo Acids Glucose Stress Hypoxia WNT Growth Factors LAMTOR 1/2/3/4/5 RAG A/B GTP RAG C/D PPARγ HIF1α VEGF VEGF Pathway Mitochondrial metabolism Lipogenesis PPARGC1A SREBF1 Lipin1 Lipid Synthesis GTP DNA Damage P53 SESN1/2 Glycolysis Energy REDD1/2 Gαq/o DVL RAS RAF MEK ERK TSC2 AMPK STK11 TSC1 AKT1S1 GDP Rheb Rheb GTP GSK3 AKT PDK1 PTEN PIP2 IRS1 PI3K PIP3 MTORC2 MTORC1 Raptor MLST8 MLST8 RICTOR PKCα Cytoskeleton organization SGK1 PRR5 RPS6 Ribosome biogenesis Translation PDCD4 EIF4B EIF4E EIF4G EIF4A EIF4EBP1/2 MTOR MTOR S6K1 Deptor Deptor Sin1 RSK
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