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Akt/PKB Signaling Pathway

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Akt/PKB Signaling Pathway GPCR RTK Integrin cytokine receptor BCR Ag GTP Gβγ PI3Kγ PIP3 ILK Paxillin JAK1 IKK Cot PP2A HSP90 CDC37 Glycogen Synthesis Glycogen Synthase Wnt Pathway 14-3-3 14-3-3 JIP1 ASK1 NO Cardiovascular Homeostasis JNK Pathway Cell Survival ERK Pathway MDM2 Cell Death Protein Synthesis FOXO1/ Bcl-X CTMP EIF4EBP1 EIF4E > FOXO4 TSC1 TSC2 RAF1 NF-kB Pathway SYK GAB1 GAB2 IRS-1 PI3K PI3K PI3K PI3K BCAP FAK PTEN PIP3 PTEN PDK1 PDK1 AKT AKT AKT GSK3 Cyclin D1 Cell Cycle P27 Kip1 P21 Cip1 P53 MTOR P 70S6K Cell Growth PIP3 PIP3 BAD NOS3
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