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Apoptosis is a complex and active death, involving the activation, expression and regulation of a series of genes. When apoptosis occurs, a series of apoptotic processes are programmed, such as phosphatidylserines valgus outside of the cell membrane, mitochondrial membrane ΔΨm changes, caspase activation, DNA fragmentation and so on. Abnormal apoptotic mechanism can cause cells to lose control, which is closely related to the occurrence and development of many diseases such as tumors. Accurate detection of apoptotic cells is essential in the apoptosis study. Elabscience® has successfully developed multiple apoptosis detection products (Annexin V Detection Kits, TUNEL Assay Kits,etc) based on the most commonly used principles.

Apoptotic event line

Apoptotic event line

Elabscience® Cell Apoptosis Assay Products

  • Annexin V Kits

    15 fluorochrome * 3 nucleic acid dyes
    Only 15~20 min hand-on time
    Quick and reliable

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  • One-step TUNEL Kit

    One step dewaxing
    One step staining
    Safe and non-toxic

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  • Caspase Kits

    Strong specificity
    Only takes about 1~2 h

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  • JC-1

    Decrease of Mitochondrial Transmembrane Potential
    Earliest event of apoptosis
    Only takes about 40 min
    JC-1 from red fluorescence to green fluorescence

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