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Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent


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      This product is based on high-purity glycerin and containing Anti Fluorescence Quenching agent, the Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent has a strong anti-fluorescence decay effect and is used to seal fluorescent tissue and cell samples. The slice can be stored at 4°C or -20°C for 2~3 weeks when sealed by this product and it can prolong the fluorescence duration and maintain the fluorescence intensity. At the same time, other components in this product help to keep the tissue antigen antibody in the binding state.

      This product is easy to operate. Add one drop of Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent to the slice and then cover the cover glass.




      5 mL

      15 mL

      50 mL



      Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent

      5 mL

      15 mL

      50 mL


      Experimental Procedure

      1. Please balance the product to room temperature before use.

      2. Remove the liquid from the slice and dry the slice slightly.

      3. Take about 20 μL of Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent and add it to the sample of the slice, or add it directly to the cell culture hole. The Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent has a certain viscosity, please cut off a little bit tip of the pipette to absorb the product.

      4. Cover the cover glass, let the slice contact the Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent, and try to avoid bubbles.

      5. Observe the result by fluorescence microscope. The slice can be kept in dark for 2 weeks at 4°C or -20°C.


      Store at 2~8°C for 12 months.


      1. The fluorescent materials are easy to be quenched, and the dyed samples should be kept away from light.

      2. Using Anti-Fluorescence Quenching Agent can slow down the fluorescence quenching, but it is still recommended to avoid light as much as possible and take photos as soon as possible.

      3. For your safety and health, please wear the lab coat and disposable gloves before the experiments.

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