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Neutral Balsam


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      This product is an excellent sealing agent used in micro technology which is similar to Canadian gum in properties, with the same usage and it has good effect. Neutral Balsam is a kind of natural resin. Which is refined and neutralized and dissolved in xylene to form 60% solution. Its refractive index is similar to glass. After drying, it condenses into a transparent and colorless solid. It has no defects such as shrinkage, yellowing, crazing, oxidation and discoloration.

      The color can remain for several years when sealed with this product. Many packaged specimens, such as bloodsucker, terylene and other parasites can be sealed with Neutral Balsam. At present, Neutral Balsam is widely used in biology, medicine as biological section sealing agent, as well as optical glass instrument adhesive.




      5 mL

      15 mL

      50 mL



      Neutral Balsam

      5 mL

      15 mL

      50 mL


      Experimental Procedure

      1. Add one drop (about 20 μL) of Neutral Balsam liquid in the center of the slice (pay attention to drop together or there will be bubbles easily), then put the cover glass on slowly, squeeze it gently, and the Neutral Balsam will spread to the outside of the whole slice.

      2. Ventilate for several hours, then use cotton ball to stick xylene or turpentine to clean the excess balsam on the edge of the slice.

      3. Put it in a ventilated place to dry, and the sealed slice can be stored at room temperature.


      Store at room temperature for 12 months.


      1. Xylene in this product is toxic, avoid contact with skin or eyes. Pay attention to ventilation when sealing.

      2. Please tighten the cap after using the product. Xylene is easy to volatilize, which will make the reagent gradually becomes very viscous. This product has certain viscosity, which is slightly higher than glycerin. If it is too sticky, please discard the product.

      3.This product couldn’t be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment, food or medicine, and can’t be stored in residence.

      4.For your safety and health, please wear the lab coat and disposable gloves before the experiments.

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