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One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH6.0) (20×)

    • One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH6.0)-Elabscience
    • One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH6.0)-Elabscience
    • One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH6.0)-Elabscience

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      Elabscience ® One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer is a rapid reagent for paraffin slides pretreatment. There is no need to do the traditional three times of xylene dewaxing, three to five times of gradient ethanol hydration, all shorten to one solution.The operation time is effectively shortened, the cumbersome operation steps are simplified so the variables in operation are reduced, and the stability is improved. The Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer applies new environmental protection technology is not only reduces the harm to the body, but also cause no pollution to the environment.




      100 mL

      200 mL

      500 mL



      One-step Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH6.0) (20×)

      100 mL

      200 mL

      500 mL



      Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer(pH6.0) (20×) is a 20× concentrated solution. Dilute with DI water to 1 × Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval working solution before use.

      For example: Take 10 mL Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer (pH6.0) (20×), dilute with DI water to 200 mL.

      Experimental operation steps

      1.  Put the 1 ×Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval(pH6.0) working solution in the repair box, then heat until it boils.

      2.  Put the slides into the boiling Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval(pH6.0) working solution to make the tissue immersed 

           (In order to ensure the pH of the solution, the metal slide rack should not be used).

      3.  Repair the antigen with medium-low power for 15~30 min, and avoid the tissue from drying during the process. 

           Take out the repair box to a RT environment, and it cool down naturally.

      4.  Take out the slides when the solution cooled down to RT, and wash the slides with DI water, make sure that there is no residue of Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval working solution.(Don’t flush the tissue directly during the washing process in order to avoid breaking up the tissue).

      5.  Follow up experiments were conducted with reference to IHC experimental procedures.


      Store at 2~8°C, Avoid of freezing. Valid for 12 months. The reagents are valid within 6 months after opening.


      1.  It is necessary to keep the slide wet during the operation. If the slide is dry, it will lead to non-specific staining results.

      2.  In the process of continuous heating, it is only necessary to keep boiling with medium-low power, 

           and do not splash the Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval working solution out of the repair box with high power.

      3.  For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves for operation and follow the procedures of laboratory reagent operation.


      1. Electrical stimulation of piezoelectric BaTiO3 coated Ti6Al4V scaffolds promotes anti-inflammatory polarization of macrophages and bone repair via MAPK/JNK inhibition and OXPHOS activation
        IF: 15.304
        Journal: BIOMATERIALS(2022)
        DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2022.121990
        Products: E-IR-R221A 
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